Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update on strike endorsements and schedule for the 15th at UCB

The following groups have endorsed the November 15th higher education strike:

UC Berkeley Faculty Association
UCSF Faculty Association
UC Davis Faculty Association
UC San Diego Faculty Association
The UC Council of Faculty Associations

AFSCME 3299 - UC patient care and service employees
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
California Nurses Association
Communities for a New California
UAW 2865 - UC student employees
UAW 4123 - CSU student employees
UC-AFT - UC lecturers and librarians

Below is the working schedule of events for UCB:

8am-5pm: All day open university activities (teach-outs, workshops, public readings, installations, etc.) at Sproul Plaza and surrounding areas.
Noon: Mass convergence at Sproul Hall and formal inauguration of day-long open university.
Noon – 2pm: Teach-outs in Sproul Plaza.
2pm: Rally against police violence and other, related forms of violence, including dispossession, privatization, and debt.
2:30pm: March to Berkeley High and Berkeley City College.
5pm: General Assembly at Sproul Plaza.
After the GA: reestablishment of Occupy Cal encampment.


  1. I do hope you will also endorse the STRIKE at CSU East Bay on Nov. 17, 2011.
    Strike called by CFA, California Faculty Association the union representing Faculty (both tenured, tenure track and lecturers), librarians, counselors and coaches. We're in a bitter contract struggle.

  2. Yes! Of course we are in solidarity with the CSU strike! And it sounds like our comrades at Occupy Oakland have endorsed and offered their support for all strikes, including those of students and university workers and faculty.

  3. Photograph and video record all the officers faces and names. Compile a list of police brutality, and start a class action lawsuit to weed out these offenders of the Constitution! Spread the message, post the names on-line, use spokeo, linked, facebook, find out who these abusers are, where they live. One by one, these police officers will not show up and may even reassign to a different city. No more hiding. These police DO NOT RESPECT peaceful protesting! Expose their identities. You have the right to assemble, to free speech, freedom of the press, do not let the media blackout silence you. Use the internet and rally a force that will make the STRIKE effective.
    It's official, the epicenter of OCCUPY has left the cold east coast and is back in the west coast to ride out the winter. Encampment must multiply by the hundreds, overnight, at CAL! We want the tuition waived, education is a human right! No longer are we going to pay for a public school that bombs students with teargas, shoots rubber bullets, and beats with batons. Bring personal alarms that are over 100dB to run the perimeter of the encampment. Wear motorcycle jackets with back and rib protection. Bring high powered flashlights to better identify police. Women should stuff pillows under their shirts and hold the line. Bring lots of megaphones!

  4. If "the right to set up tents" has become the central point of contention for the Occupy movement, then you guys had better make a strong case for why this is an essential aspect of free speech.