Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UCOP Shuts Down for General Strike [Update: Has UCOP Been Handed Over to OPD?]

[Update 3, Wednesday 9:54am]: Reports from the ground: people have been spotted on the roof of the UCOP building. As reported below, the building has been shut down due to the general strike. So who are the people on the roof? "They must be police."

[Update 2, Wednesday 7:22am]: I just spoke with Diane Klein, a spokesperson for UCOP, who flatly denied the story. "That is not true," she said. "The building will not be used as a staging site for the Oakland Police."

[Update Tuesday 9:22pm]: We have not been able to independently confirm this as of yet, but we just received this report from a comrade:

I was just told by the receptionist at the UC Office of the President that they are lending the UCOP conference room near 19th and Franklin to the Oakland Police Department to be a Command Center. I even called back to double-check. I suggest we all email and call the UCOP and demand that they do not lend UC space to the OPD after the level of police violence last week against citizens of Oakland (including many UC faculty, staff, and students). Is there a way for us to send this word around to other students, faculty and staff?
From a friend on the inside:
November 1, 2011

Dear Oakland-based UCOP employees:

As a follow up to my message this morning, we have decided to operate Oakland UCOP offices in weekend mode tomorrow, meaning all employees should work from home as best they can.

Essential operations personnel who must be in the office tomorrow will need their employee badges for access.

Please continue to monitor local news and your UC email for updates.

All employees should plan to come to work on Thursday as scheduled.


Couldn't have had anything to do with this...

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