Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy Oakland March to Support the Strike at UC Berkeley

Support Occupy Cal and its fight against police brutality and the privatization of the UC system.

After their attempted encampment was brutally attacked by police November 9, thousands of UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff gathered for a general assembly and called for a university strike on November 15. Tuition at Berkeley has doubled in recent years. In calling for a strike, activists realize that the university’s function in society is to create a division between haves and have-nots. Therefore, this is meant as a special kind of strike, one where all those who have been excluded from the UC system converge on the campus and help occupy it. At the same time as we shut the university down, we open it up to all who have been excluded from it.

We must recognize that the very same OPD officers and Sheriffs who attacked us here were sent only a few days later to brutalize people at Berkeley. And, once they are finished at Berkeley, they will return to attack us again. Furthermore, in one of its very first decisions, Occupy Oakland agreed to support all strikes in the Bay Area, including student strikes.


  1. UCOP Cop Killer? Really...really? Your extremism does not represent most Cal students.

  2. apparently you can't read