Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Cal raided; Occupy UCLA set up

Last night, Occupy Cal was raided by UCPD. Two people were arrested, and they bulldozed all the stuff that people didn't take away. There will be an emergency GA to plan next steps tonight at 6pm, but already, we're back in force.

Having rescued the library last night, a group set up this morning a massive field of book tents on the steps. And since noon, there's been dancing and drumming at the foot of the steps. As I write, danza -- a campus dance troupe -- is out on the impromptu stage. And everyone is talking about tonight's GA, which promises to be big. Occupy Cal isn't going away.

And not only is Occupy Cal back in force, but we just learned that Occupy UCLA set up tents and got going today! As we say: Screw us and we multiply.


  1. Dancing and drumming? is that how we are trying to be taken seriously? Even as a UC student struggling to pay for books, rent, and tuition hikes, I can't take that stupid stuff seriously. This is not a party, this is not a pow wow or a drum circle, this is a fucking protest. When people see your sorry excuse for a protest they see a bunch of silly hippies, not the bitter tears of those who are being forced out of an educations because of the fee hikes.

  2. Dear Anonymous 1
    Sometimes one must celebrate the smallest or biggest of victories in order to not only keep up peoples' spirits, but to help establish trust and enjoyment among the protesters. It can't all be business. Sometimes, one needs to sit and break bread and dance to understand each other. I would agree that it shouldn't be a week long, or month long of dancing, but this was not the case. It was a group celebrating their recent victory and I believe they're in their every right. I appreciate your comment, but sometimes it takes a bit more understanding to see what's going on.

    anonymous 2

    PS. I thought the same thing you did at first, but later someone explained it to me :)