Sunday, November 13, 2011

Riot Cop Explains: "Minorities should not complain about the tuition hikes because they do not pay anything to the university."

UC Berkeley student films a riot police officer saying that "minorities should not complain about the tuition hikes because they do not pay anything to the university. They live off grants and financial aid." EE Katz, badge # 66.


Another riot police officer from Oakland Police Department, Brandon Wehrly (2010 Salary: $118, 619.30, 2010 Overtime: $40, 301.53, Total 2010 Salary: $158,920.83) explaining why baton blows are "non-violent."


  1. "that building doesn't get paid for from students ... getting fafsa." What a fucking expert.

  2. Neither the kid nor the cop came out smelling like roses in that video. The kid came across as self-entitled, smug and condescending while the cop came across as jaded, apathetic and passive aggressive. I'll give that argument to the cop, since he actually made more empirically cogent arguments than the kid did--which is disappointing, since I actually agree with the kid.

  3. Way to misconstrue what the cop said.

    Hey buddy, your bias is showing.

  4. UCPD is a tool, as sharp as a baton, that works for the UC Administration. UC Police are racist, homophobic, overpaid, underthinking dullards who work hard at keeping their fellow 'officers' blunt and uninterested in the reality that surrounds them. Police this stupid should be assigned wooden spoons and not shiny weapons. The damage they've done to the UC's reputation is irreparable. They are all obtuse clods who will be unemployed soon.

    But the kid choosing the argument he did...sure doesn't make him the quickest rubber bullet that ever came out of a gun. Their exchange was classic, not just in what they each said, but also what they heard the other say.


    Officer: Minorities are damaged and won't amount to much. They suck off the system. (Kid hears I am a racist white dude who thinks I earned all I have through my own brains and hard work. Race means nothing in this country unless you're a minority-- they all have it so easy.)

    Kid: But without affordable tuition, people who would benefit from a degree won't ever get a chance. The statistics make that obvious. (Officer hears yeah, your argument totally proves my point-- minorities are so weak they ask for help to get ahead. Why do you egghaeds think you're so smart? By the way, I made over $150K last year. Also, unless a degree can wipe that smirk off your puss, it is not going to do you a bit of good in the real world..