Monday, November 21, 2011

Nathan Brown at UC Davis Rally

What will depose this authoritarian administrator is not letters or petitions; it is your direct action on this campus. That direct action must continue until the Chancellor resigns. The Chancellor has said that it is not appropriate for her to resign at this time. We know that the Chancellor is not a very good judge of what is appropriate.

I propose two demands moving forward:

1) The immediate resignation of Chancellor Katehi;

2) All police forces ordered permanently off of UC campuses.

Chancellor Katehi and police forces are the primary threat to the health and safety of our university community.


  1. "All police forces ordered permanently off of UC campuses."

    There's a notion I can support.
    How about formal dissolution of UCPD via act of Legislation? Things are bad enough even when law enforcement can be held accountable by local elected officials, a circumstance which clearly does not apply to UCPD.

    BTW there's delicious irony in this suggestion getting public airing in response to acts for which Katehi bears ultimate responsibility.
    Katehi was on the committee which recently pushed for, successfully, the end of asylum on Greek university campuses. Asylum here meaning a nearly 40 year ban on Greek law enforcement regulating student activities on campuses. A ban enacted in the wake of the fall of the Junta (who brutalized student dissenters), events which occurred while Katehi was an undergrad at... Athens Polytechnic university.

  2. Katehi's committee mentioned above was called the International Advisory Committee on Greek Higher Education.

    The findings section of the report issued by this committee contains the following gems:

    “Greek university campuses are not secure. While the Constitution allows University leaders to protect campuses against elements that seek political instability, Rectors have been reluctant to exercise their rights and responsibilities, and to make decisions needed in order to keep faculty, staff and students safe. As a result, University leaders and faculty have not been able to be good stewards of the facilities they have been entrusted with by the public.”

    “The politicization of the campuses – and specifically the politicization of students – represents a beyond-reasonable involvement in the political process. This is contributing to an accelerated degradation of higher education.”

    The full report, in English, can be found on the Greek Ministry of Education website at

  3. University of California campus chancellors vet campus police protocols. UCPD
    report to chancellors and take direction from their chancellor.

    UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau and UC Davis Chancellor are in derelection
    of their duties.

    UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau and UC Davis Chancellor need to quit or be
    fired for permitting the brutal outrage on students protesting tuition increases
    and student debt

    Opinions? Email the UC Board of Regents