Sunday, November 27, 2011

For Safer Campuses (UC Davis Teachouts And UC Berkeley CRP Investigation)


The Campus Rights Project (CRP), a student-led clinic at UC Berkeley School of Law, obtained over 300 pages of internal University communications between top administrators relating to the Fall 2009 student protests. These documents provide an unusually candid look at how top University officials have responded to past incidents of police violence on campus. In light of the Faculty’s upcoming “no confidence” vote, CRP is releasing these documents and a new summary of their contents. See "BEHIND THE CURTAIN: BIRGENEAU, BRESLAUER, and LE GRANDE’S PAST RESPONSE TO STUDENT PROTEST AND POLICE VIOLENCE."


  1. re: Academic Senate vote
    "no confidence" language has been removed from the resolution.

  2. Photograph by Justin Brauner.