Monday, November 14, 2011

Public Safety Threats Lead To Regents Meeting Cancellation

"The UC Board of Regents has decided to cancel its meeting this week over fears for public safety, according to an announcement from the UC Office of the President.

The announcement, made by board Chair Sherry Lansing, board Vice Chair Bruce Varner and UC President Mark Yudof, was made Monday because UC law enforcement officials presented the board with 'information indicating that rogue elements intent on violence and confrontation with UC public safety officers were planning to attach themselves to peaceful demonstrations expected to occur at the meeting.'"


What "rogue elements" you may ask? UCI PD officer Jared Kemper drawing a loaded weapon on student protestors blocking a parking garage at a "public" 2010 Regents meeting?

Or these benevolent officers outside with their pepper spray, keeping the peace?

How about this concerned university employee "nudging" a student protestor?


  1. Since when do the Regents counts as the public?

  2. Fire Lansing, Birgeneau, and the rest of the scum!