Friday, September 30, 2011

Occupy San Francisco

Published on Friday, 30 September 2011 03:00

Bay Areans, you can help make this happen. They need a few things. More here.

General Assembly today at 6 pm in front of Federal Reserve Building.

Proposed agenda items to be included tonight:

1. Working group check-ins (communications)

2. Solidify our working groups/sub-committees

3. Establish points of solidarity for how we use our shared space: no racism, harsh language, drinking etiquette, violence, peace, etc. needs to be discussed.

4. Outreach

5. Paypal

6. Working group break-outs


It began very small but we are growing very quickly. Last night we doubled in size.

We are camped in front of the SF Federal Reserve Building - 101 Market St., exit Embarcadero BART/MUNI.

We have a General Assembly today (Friday) at 6:00 pm. Please come and participate. We need to strengthen our working groups to handle all of our logistics.

We need people to facilitate democratic discussions.

We need people with computers and 3g phones. We need techies!

We need food, cooking ware, plates, utensils, camping stoves, compost bins.

We cooks!

We need medical supplies. We need medics!

We need blankets, warm clothes.

We need people with instruments, art, and culture!

We need paint, poster-board, signage supplies.

We need everything and everyone, just like Liberty Plaza.

We need you, your presence, your skills, your voice, your participation.



To find an event in your area, OCCUPY TOGETHER.



  1. In other words, these people can't even support themselves.

    Way to build credibility!

  2. No, they need to build participation. Way to troll though!

  3. Everybody who disagrees with the group-think is a troll. Every point is met with derision instead of refutation. Logic and facts are replied to with megaphones and shouting.

    Doesn't sound like a progressive world I'd like to build. We need to do better than that.

  4. Anonymous #3, are you the person who wrote the first comment? If so, then you should think about not being an asshole for a second if you want people to actually engage with you. If not, then you should reread the first comment really really carefully so maybe then you can figure out if there are the logic or facts there. If you find any let us know.

    Not everyone who disagrees is a troll. People who obsessively leave snide comments on other peoples' blogs are trolls.