Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vote AWDU In UAW Elections

From thosewhouseit:
[Today, Tuesday] through Thursday -- April 26, 27, and 28 -- is the election we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s make sure that these Administration Caucus/USEJ bureaucrats -- many of whom aren’t active GSIs, readers, or even students -- are no longer allowed to represent those of use who actually do have interests as workers on UC campuses across the state. We’ve already reported on the way these incumbents pursue a strategy of astroturfing, and nothing has changed since. They haven’t updated their blog in over a week, and the last update was a piddling attack on AWDU for engaging in “dirty tricks” . . . such as questioning the candidacy of a non-member who is not even eligible to run in the first place. If that’s dirty, we no longer know what it means to be clean. Similarly, their Twitter feed has a grand total of 6 followers and hasn’t been updated since “dirty tricks” was released. Same deal for their Facebook page. Then last week, after two different UCLA grad students -- an AWDU member and an independent -- wrote scathing critiques of the AC/USEJ leadership, four of their candidates actually defected from their slate.

So tomorrow is the big day, or at least the first of three. The campus chapters of AWDU at UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, and UC Irvine have made polling times and locations available on their own sites; for a full schedule, check the official UAW 2865 site’s listing here. Let’s get these bureaucrats out of office once and for all and take back our union.  All power to the rank-and-file! Vote AWDU!


  1. What will you do when you do find the power you so covet? Words aren't deeds. Deeds are deeds. I'm so tired of you middle class kids fetishizing revolution. You want class war? You'll get class war.

  2. Um, run the union better, obviously.

  3. Vanguardists! Working class employees in 2865 organize to resist all vanguardist factions!

  4. AWDU是先锋派!工人阶级的2865成员:组织与抵制一切先锋派别!

    2865 में श्रमिक वर्ग के सदस्य: संगठन और सभी vanguardist गुटों का विरोध!