Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Overnight Sit-In at CSU Fullerton

The LA Weekly reports:
​A group of 50-odd CSU Fullerton students and staff become the latest media darlings of California's public-education crisis this partly cloudy Tuesday morning, having just spent one valiant night staked out in the chilly corridors of Langsdorf Hall.

The sit-in was in reaction to a major snub by CSUF President Milton Gordon, who -- to add insult to rising student fees and dwindling course offerings -- currently makes $300,000 per year. When asked to add his signature to a feel-good "Declaration to Defend Public Education" last night, Gordon refused, and instead offered his own declaration, according to City News Service.
The video above documents the meeting between President Gordon and the students who asked him to sign their declaration. Two takeaways: first, even the student government guy recognizes that the president was uncomfortable because "he wanted to be in a position where he could be more in control of the situation"; and second, the narrator from the Daily Titan notes that Gordon refused to sign because of the involvement of the California Faculty association and called the declaration "radical." (Here's the declaration, which was written collaboratively by students, faculty and staff from CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, CSU Los Angeles, Compton College, Fullerton College, and Mt. San Antonio College.)

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  1. Good for the Cal State Fullerton students for standing up for their beliefs. The great part about living in a free country is that we can protest and let our voice be heard.