Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poster & flier for Nov. 9-10 student strikes

Please share around! Also, the date of the general assembly to plan for the november actions has been pushed back to Monday, Oct. 17. It will probably happen in the union hall (2070 Allston), but could be moved onto campus...


  1. Who is organising the strikes?

    Maybe organisers want to link the protests with the "Global Weeks of Action for Education" (Nov. 7-20), which will unite groups and activists around the world struggling against the increasing commercialization of education and for free emancipatory education:

    Maybe activists want to connect this to the global level?

    Do give feedback (, if the strikes will be linked to the global weeks of action, so that the protests can be communicated around the world accordingly.

    ★ one world - one struggle ★

  2. hi mo,

    there are a number of formations and coalitions in CA that are organizing for the 9th and 10th, and then again for the following week, when the CSU and UC trustees/regents will meet and possibly decide on another tuition hike for students. i think it's fair to say that all of the organizers see our struggle as being part of transnational movements -- people right now are following especially closely what is happening in chile. and we're interested generally in coordinating and keeping in communication with organizers elsewhere. is there anything in particular that would be entailed in linking in with the ism formations that we should consider at our assemblies here?

  3. Hey, how do I get ahold of a group who is doing the organizing for the Nov. 9 strike?

  4. you can always send an email to reclaimuc [at] gmail [dot] com and we can forward it along.