Friday, October 28, 2011

March Against the Police State: Saturday, 8pm

The following statement was made at last night's Occupy Oakland general assembly. It went over really well:
I want to preface by saying that many of you are new to Occupy Oakland, many of you are white and middle class. This means you have most likely not experienced police violence in the same manner as those who are queer, people of color or poor. As this movement grows, we ask for respect of our lifelong experiences and the recognition that self defense is not violent.

This Saturday evening, nearly a year after the murderous pig Johannes Mehserle was sentenced with a slap on the wrist and just days after police beat, gassed, shot, kidnapped and hospitalized our fellow occupiers, we are calling for a march against the police state. We encourage everyone to wear black in memory of all those who have been murdered by the police. In the name of Oscar Grant, Raheim Brown, Kenneth Harding, Charles Hill and our countless martyrs, we will march this Saturday, immediately after the Speak out from 6-8pm.

March against the police state.
Justice for Scott Olsen.


  1. Definitely need more martyrs! I suggest the owner of this blog be right out in front. Either Oakland gets a martyr & loses an self-centered agitator, both good things, or we learn just how idiotically untrue these posts are.

  2. Anonymous, the OPD always needs more recruits to get paid $90K a year to shoot people in the head and throw poor people in prison!

    Sounds like you need to join up, tough guy.

  3. the Police are absolutely out of freaking control in Oakland. I suggest SHUT THE CITY DOWN!!

  4. How many innocents need to get brutalized before this madness in oakland is stopped?

  5. "cops pigs murderers." Wow, really mature, guys. Really mature.

  6. yeah, that's a good point, cause when the cops shoot people in the back for no reason we should really just stay calm and hang around the house thinking to ourselves, you know, we're so mature, maybe the police will be like, hey, you know what? they're so mature we really should change our ways.