Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update on the Remaining Case from Nov. 9


An update from our comrade who continues to face charges from November 9. The next key date for court support will be June 29. In the meantime, let's continue to put pressure on DA Nancy O'Malley! Call her office at 510-272-6222 or 510-268-7500 and let her know how you feel about these bullshit political charges. More contact information is available at the link above. For some background on this case, the Davis Dozen, and the Santa Cruz 11 see occupyca.

This is a long overdue update about my case for supporters. There will be no trial on Monday, June 4. Trial will most likely happen in July and the next courtdate is a motion to suppress on June 29, which will be essentially a probable cause hearing for the May 1 arrest. It could be interesting and would be a good thing to have supporters at. We decided to push off the trial date after they managed to consolidate both cases. The joined cases require more time to prepare for.

As for now, continuing to put pressure on the DA will still help. I hear the Nancy O'Malley is now talking messages about this directly. They are definitely feeling the pressure to drop the Nov. 9 charges to bring the case into line with the others.

I really appreciate all the support, and sorry for the late notification.

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