Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Call for Submissions: Pamphlet on Student Debt

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Call for Submissions: Pamphlet on financial services industries, student debt and default

[Issue 4 is coming soon!]

We are preparing a pamphlet on student debt for distribution in early September, to coincide with the online-release of Reclamations Journal: Issue 4. We envision the pamphlet being distributed during orientation activities (especially in front of financial industry tables) and at early political actions. Our aim with this pamphlet is to interrupt the normalization of indebtedness and predatory lending on our campuses and to articulate, for incoming and continuing students alike, how colleges and universities are being restructured by the imperatives of the financial services industry.

We are soliciting short pieces (1000-3000 words) that consider some aspect of student debt and its relation to issues of: accessibility, racial exclusion or forms of predatory, financialized “inclusion,” unemployment, and the for-proft education industry. We’d also like to publish pieces that take up the question of debt default as both a mechanism by which class, race, and gender inequalities are intensified and also a possible, and likely inevitable, site for mass political resistance. We welcome theoretical, descriptive, creative, as well as personal accounts of indebtedness and its effects on students, teachers, families, and futures.

The pamphlet will ask how our identities as students and political subjects are being shaped by the experience of debt and indebtedness, as well as a looming horizon of mass default.

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, August 28, 2011.
Send submissions and queries to editors[at]reclamationsjournal.org

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