Thursday, March 10, 2011

OSC Loses Another One
Usually, we're in solidarity with the workers. But there are some workers we just can't get behind. UCPD, for one. But another group that's caused us a lot of headaches over the past year and a half or so is the folks at the Office of Student Conduct (OSC). They're the ones responsible for investigating and prosecuting cases against student protesters. They're the ones who have suspended students. They're the ones who consistently violate their own rules and procedures, such as pursuing cases far beyond the timeline (i.e. statute of limitations) for their being resolved. As the counterpart to UCPD, the bureaucrats at OSC constitute the quasi-legal arm of the university's repressive apparatus.

On that note, we've just received some great news: Laura Bennett -- who has served as OSC prosecutor in numerous conduct cases since fall 2009, including that of our compañera Laura Zelko as well as a farcical performance against legal powerhouse Thomas Frampton -- is officially leaving her job! We were just forwarded the following email, regarding a currently ongoing student conduct case:
I wanted to email you to let you know that I will be leaving Cal -- I accepted a position at another school. My last day in the office will be Tues March 15. As a result, I want to inform you that after I leave, Jeff [Woods] or Susan [Trageser] would likely be the best contacts for you regarding your case. If you have questions before then, or would like to talk about an informal resolution, please let me know.

Our inside informant adds that OSC already has hired two people on contract in order to deal with the work overload. Just another example of the administration's inefficiency and waste. Why not just abolish OSC?


  1. OSC, Office of Stalinist Conduct.


  2. Did she really get another job? Or is she just trying to save face...

  3. What exactly are you celebrating here? What brand of hubris is this that you think that this person is leaving Berkeley because of anything students have done? I've been reading about you worthless brats for so long now it's become nauseating. You bitch and whine about things that are "unfair"...then you BREAK THE RULES to protest. And then first among your "demands" is that no one protesting be held accountable. That has to be the most egregious display of cowardice I have ever born witness to. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, AND GROW THE FUCK UP. Understand for once in your lives that the universe does not revolve around Berkeley. The state as a whole is flat broke. What if you succeed in getting everything you wanted. Have ANY of you thought about what services are going to have to be CUT to satisfy you? The money has to come from somewhere. You may win your tuition level back, but at what cost? Will the state have to cut the budget for homeless shelters? Heat assistance programs? State worker pensions? Infrastructure? You all make me sick with this ridiculous grandstanding. Here's to hoping you all graduate and suck in a big whiff of the real world before it chews you up and spits you out. I'll see you all before long...homeless on the streets of Berkeley. Stay warm.

  4. Dear anonymous (the third, long-winded one),

    Did you read the post? Are you able to read? No one is saying she quit because of student action. (If that's the case, though, we OUGHT to celebrate.) Also, a major argument--one I would fault the movement for failing to convey to you if it wasn't there in the last paragraph--is that the state funding level isn't the sole cause of the austerity measures at the UC. It is also due to the flagrant mismanagement of resources by the administration, as evidenced by their decision to waste time and money on student show trials--so much so that they needed to hire two people to do what under normal conditions is a single person's job. Are you okay with the administration saying they don't have the money for, say, actual education and then hiring a desk jockey to persecute student activists? Or paying dozens of cops overtime to watch a peaceful student protest?

    Well, maybe you are but we're not.

  5. Yeah! Damn the OSC! Students shouldn't be held accountable for their actions!

    The administration really ought to lock you kids in your dorms and let you run feral. Seems to be what you're craving.

    Anonymous #3 had it right on the money. If you didn't get it, maybe you should drop your drawers and take it again. These kids should've been expelled from the go. Can't wait to see how you all manage in the real world.

    Good freakin' luck.