Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Issue of Reclamations

Reclamations is back with issue 3. Table of contents (with links) is below the fold:
Issue 3 (December 2010)

Editors' Introduction

Rei Terada, Two Hundred Years of University "Reform" and How to Dream It

Laney Student Unity and Power, Grove Street Panthers

Fault Lines
Puck Lo and Ianna Hawkins Owen, Creating Outside Agitators

Feminist Interventions
Silvia Federici, Political Work with Women and as Women in the Present Conditions (Interview by Maya Gonzalez and Caitlin Manning)

Judith Butler, On the Rights of Protest

Anonymous, On Administrative Conduct: Procedural Violations and the Rule of the Arbitrary

Dead Futures, Resurgent Futures
Peter Osborne, Privatization as Anti-Politics (Interview by Amanda Armstrong)

Bob Meister, An Open Letter to President Yudof on this Year's Tuition Increase

Open Letters
ACLU of Northern California, Regarding Recent First Amendment Violations on the UC Berkeley Campus: An Open Letter to Chief of Police Mitchell J. Celaya III, UC Berkeley Police Department

ACLU of Northern California, Flawed Disciplinary Process for November 2009 Student Protesters: An Open Letter to UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau

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