Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Schedule of Actions for November 16-18 UC Regents' Meeting

From thosewhouseit:
Once again, the Regents will meet to increase fees, decrease access to the UC and give themselves big bonuses. Let’s stop them!

Nov. 16: Early morning picket of California Hall. Be there at 6:30 AM so we can greet the senior administrators as they come in to work. We’re demanding that they actively oppose the fee increase, abandon Operational Excellence and its 200 layoffs, end the repression of student protesters via the widely-criticized Office of Student Conduct, and endorse and help negotiate a fair contract for GSIs and other staff in contract negotiations. Please arrive at 6:30 AM. We will be there all morning. Rally @ 12 noon.

Nov. 17: Early AM protest at the Regents’ Meeting (UCSF, Rutter Center). Let’s shut it down! We need as many people as possible at the Regents Meeting as early as possible. From the East Bay, take BART to the downtown San Francisco Embarcadero Station and then transfer to the MUNI T-Line. There are some buses leaving from UC Berkeley. You can reserve a seat here.

Finally, here are links to some inspiring news from London, where 52,000 people have mobilized in defense of education and against austerity. It’s nice to be reminded that we are part of a global anti-austerity movement:


  1. Hi, I have been a sf city college student all my life. People speak of austerity. if both the uc and california state really cared about austerity, these faculty and administration members speak of austerity as they really mean it. they should cut back theIr wages and benefits and tenure.
    Public service is a service for social good not monetary good.


  2. Or maybe forget what I said college... Afterall the university system is a business.. profit is essencial in order to retain teachers and super great adminstration!!!