Monday, November 29, 2010

Cops Off Campus

STUDENT: It's basically... they are making hard for any individual to actually...

OFFICER ARANAS: (To camera)(Interjecting) Can we talk over here?!

UNKNOWN OFFICER: (Grabs camera, waving it around as if it is a gun)

STUDENT: Yeah, I know you have your camera.

OFFICER ARANAS: Your buddy is over... uh... scrutinizing things. We're trying to have a conversation. We're having a conversation with this gentleman who happens to be a good friend of ours.

UNKNOWN OFFICER: Having a conversation...

OFFICER ARANAS: So we would appreciate it.

STUDENT: So beyond the individual... like... who you are as an individual in that respect...

UNKNOWN OFFICER: (Still holding camera) We're done. We're done.


UNKNOWN OFFICER: If we're not having an honest...

STUDENT: We're talking. I don't care about their camera or your camera. I knew you had a camera on you the whole time.

OFFICER ARANAS: (Getting more agitated) Be considerate. We are having a conversation here. Can we have a conversation with this gentleman?

UNKNOWN OFFICER; Yeah, that's ridiculous.

STUDENT: (To Unknown Officer) Here's another thing... your camera, I have no idea when you turn it on or off, because there's no indication.

UNKNOWN OFFICER: (Slyly) I'll let you know...

STUDENT: I know, it's just that [Officer] Ruffin told me once that if a police officer feels that there is a call for...

OFFICER ARANAS: Are we investigating anything? Or are we just talking about...

STUDENT: Well, I've been harassed twice.

OFFICER ARANAS: (Tries to grab camera)(Laughs)(Fails to grab camera)

STUDENT: (Continuing after brief disruption) So you are aware that the UC PD has now twice... one last night (something)... was violating the rights of freedom of assembly... beyind that they came to my home this morning to harass me.



OFFICER ARANAS: Harassment is a subjective term.


STUDENT: A detective.

OFFICER ARANAS: What action... what action did they do? I could say [the camera] is harassing me.

STUDENT: The fact that I had detectives coming to my home... to intimidate me on top of the intimidation from last night.

OFFICER ARANAS: What did they do that you didn't consent to?

STUDENT: They don't have a reason to come to me and talk to me when I haven't broken any...

OFFICER ARANAS: We don't need a reason. We don't need a reason.

STUDENT: Haven't broken any law...

OFFICER ARANAS: We don't need a reason.
Not totally sure, but the unidentified cop looks like Officer Hans "the Fucking Cavalry is Coming" Williams (badge #72) to me.

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