Thursday, April 29, 2010

Concerned Citizens of Oakland at the Teachers Strike

From Indybay:
The night before the Oakland Teachers Strike, a group locked down all perimeter entrances to 20 Oakland Public High Schools, Charter Schools, and Middle Schools using glue. The actions were done in solidarity with the demands of the teachers of Oakland and in defense of Public Education. School doors were locked to ensure schools stayed closed during the strike and to stop scab labor brought in by the District administration.

We Demand:
* Resources be removed from excessive administration and private consultants and given back to students and the classroom!
* Maintain low class sizes so children and teachers will have more effective learning environments!
* Recruit and keep good teachers. Increase the salaries of teachers in Oakland!
* Respect our educators and the needs of students. Stop one-size-fits-all curriculum!

In solidarity,
- Concerned residents of Oakland

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