Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UCI: Sit-In Turns Into Occupation

Beginning at 9:30am, 20 students held a sit-in at the UCI administration building, Aldrich Hall. A rally started up outside. The police arrived around 9:45. Then this:
11:00am: Sources from on the ground report that the police are preparing to arrest the students.

11:25am: Sources say that people outside the building are barricading the doors to Aldrich Hall in an attempt to circumvent the police from arresting and moving the students sitting-in the building!

11:45am: Sources state that a, “giant cage is being built around Aldrich Hall.” and that, “things are heating up.” Photos to come! Police, administrators, and sit-in participants are barricaded inside Aldrich Hall.
Stay tuned for more information. Demands are also posted at the link.

Update: 17 arrested, including students and workers. More analysis up at occupyUCI.

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