Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scared, part 2 [Homeland Security Edition!]

Update #1:
Building Coordinator Information Update #1

12/2/09 0740

Building Closure Plan

Sproul Hall and California Hall will be closed on Wednesday, 12/2/09, to the public. Faculty and staff employees will be permitted entry into the building upon presenting their UC ID.

For California Hall: Normal entrance procedures will be followed utilizing the East door for access/egress.

For Sproul Hall: Faculty/Staff employees will present their ID’s to the UCPD personnel staffing the 1st floor south entrance. This entrance will be designated as the ingress point for the building (DP access will be through the south basement entrance). Signs will be posted at other entrances.

Student employees for either building needing access will need to contact their respective department/unit to have a faculty or staff member come to the 1st floor south entrance to verify their accessibility.

We will keep you informed throughout the day regarding the on-going activities.

Stephen Stoll
OEP/Homeland Security
UC Police Department
Update #2:


This is to advise you that there is a possibility of disruptive activity in the vicinity of your building on December 2, 2009. Please be advised that the UCPD will be monitoring any activities that may occur and will work to maintain the safety of all in the area.

Your help is needed in the following areas:

o Early on December 2,2009

. Have some key managers watch University Cal Messages bulletins throughout the day. . If your building must be shut down early in the a.m., please have key managers outside of the closed area in the designated meeting location, meeting department staff and students to provide them with redirection information.

. Work with deans and department heads to identify plan for the day if the building remains inaccessible beyond 10 a.m.

o During the day:

. Fire Alarm pulls. If the fire alarms are pulled, key managers should ensure that building occupants leave the building, locking doors as they go.

. Report fire alarm pulls to UCPD, particularly any description of those seen pulling the alarms.

. Release of building following fire alarm pulls may take longer than normal. Manager will want to advise
employees to return to a set meeting location by a time specific to re-enter the building.

. Monitor Cal Messages for campus-wide information updates.

. Call 642-6760 for update information and concerns.

o Building Occupation.

. It would be helpful to take some precautionary measures and keep unused areas locked during the day

. If a group chooses to sit in the building or otherwise occupy an area within the building.

. Lock remaining doors to prevent further occupation if possible.

. UCPD will likely be with the group. Call UCPD if there are no apparent police officers present.

. Do not attempt to engage or argue with the demonstrators.

. Wait for police direction regarding evacuation.

. Call 643-6001for information regarding expectations with regard to the Human Resources.

. Listen to staff concerns that may arise. Reiterate that UCPD management of the situation will ensure safety of
building occupants. Be flexible with regard to continued employee concerns about safety.

Call 642-6760 or 642-3333 via cell phone for further assistance with employee safety concerns.
Building on this.

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