Saturday, October 20, 2012

Student Debt in a Global Context: Neoliberalism and Crisis

Debt is a permanent feature of most of our lives. Yet the socialization of risk debt represents isolates individuals, locking us in the private misery of our dealings with banks and creditors. Medical debt, student debt, consumer debt, foreclosures -- these social forms mark so many personal failings and moral obligations, we are told. Debt, in other words, not only insures our continued servitude to the corporate pursuit of dwindling private profits. It also serves to alienate us from one another, and foreclose the possibility of collective resistance. Debtors’ Assemblies, then, are a first step in fighting back to reclaim our stolen futures. Please join us Wednesday, October 24th from 5-6 in front of California Hall for the first in a series of weekly Debtors’ Assemblies to learn more about the many forms of debt and discuss ways to resist debt’s claim upon our lives. Robert Meister will speak briefly at the beginning of the first assembly.


  1. Hello, my name is Ryan Boysen and I write for City on a Hill Press, UCSC's campus paper. I recently met someone at UCSC who mentioned this talk with Bob Meister and said that you guys might be pursuing a longer term project such as a debt strike or something similar. I haven't been able to find a whole lot of information on all this online, but based on what I have been able to gather it all sounds extremely interesting, and if you guys are on board with it I'd love to write an article on your group and what you're doing / planning to do in the future. If that sounds like it could work feel free to email me at (phone's broken). Thanks and hopefully talk to you soon,

    Ryan Boysen

  2. Sorry but debt can’t be a permanent feature of anyone’s life! You could have said ‘Pain’ instead! We poor human beings are destined to suffer eternal pain here in this hell called Earth. Yes, Hell is here and sometimes, you can even find Heaven here too. But I liked “It also serves to alienate us from one another”. However, I didn't get what Ryan has stated that you people perhaps pursuing a longer term project such as a debt strike or something similar. Now the question is what is ‘’debt strike”? I’ve been working as a financial writer since long but never came across this word! Does this really exist? If yes, excited to know what would be that.

  3. Not long ago i fulfilled somebody from UCSC that described this particular consult with Frank Meister and also asserted everyone may be seeking an extended expression task like a financial debt affect something like that comparable. I have not had the opportunity to locate a great deal of knowledge about all of this on the internet, however depending on a few things i are already in a position to collect all of it appears really fascinating, and when all of you are saved to panel by using it I'd personally like to compose a write-up on your own team as well as what you are doing / likely to neutralize the long run