Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7 [Updated]

Sit-in at North Reading Room of main library.
Updates and photos at Occupy CA.

Update [Friday]: Student Activism wonders:
The sit-in broke up around seven o’clock or a little earlier. Neither the Occupy CA liveblog, the Daily Cal liveblog, nor the Daily Cal morning story say exactly why . . .

Update [several days later]: On a related note, check out "A Call for Disassembly" from Anti-Capital Projects.

Update [even later]: See also.

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  1. I disagree with calling it "demobilizing."

    I saw a lot of good consciousness-raising and conversation happening inside the library. And a lot of people in there hadn't necessarily planned to occupy it all night, and instead appeared excited to be reclaiming and reconfigure the space at all, as a location to talk about what they wanted from this movement and from the UC and more broadly. If everyone there had been planning to hold the space as an occupied space past the time when the library closed, then adjourning after discussion might look like a failure. But not everyone was prepared to occupy it indefinitely, and I didn't see the kind of organization in the room that would have made that kind of occupation very successful (I saw some proposals to occupy the space all night, but not a lot of conversations about it or a broad understanding of what that would entail).

    Considering a lot of the people in there were folks who appeared pretty newly mobilized - simply creating a place in which to discuss and learn from each other and see our immediate numbers was not a failure, in my view. it seemed like a good step. A bolder move would have required more organization & planning than the occupation-for-occupations-sake people appeared to have put into it.